DAY THREE… 44.5 miles (71 km)

An easy ride today. Roads skirting round the jagged peaks of the mountains and skimming the very edge of the desert. The roads were smooth generally and we only had one stretch of off-road, sandy but not mud.

The off-roading with boys trying to give up a puppy

Once we hit the Kashan road, traffic became a bit more intense, but not too difficult as there was a hard shoulder to ride on (tarmaced with regular bumpy joins) and somewhere to veer off to when a lot of lorries were on the road. There were a surprising number of dogs, but only a few lurched towards us, barking.

The trusty hard shoulder where we often had to ride

7pm….. We’ve arrived at our ‘traditional house’ in Kashan. It is constructed around a very beautiful central garden, complete with fountain and pool and a tree full of birds. There is a constant sound of water. Our hotel was in a maze of tiny alleyways, off the main street and during our attempts to find it, a massive storm broke out turning the tiny alleyways into very wet running streams!

Our ‘traditional house’ hotel