DAY FOUR… Sightseeing in Kashan

Woke to deafening burst of song from tiny sparrow like birds in the trees outside, in the courtyard garden. At breakfast we have learnt that Ali had in mind a definite itinerary for us. Luckily, it bore some resemblance to our own, but due to his distaste of bazaars, these did not feature at all.

The first stop was the Fin Gardens. There was something incredibly pleasing about the use of natural springs to power the water features throughout the gardens. Each pavilion had either three or four canals leading out from it in a symmetrical way. Ideally, the gardens would be enjoyed in blistering heat. The effect somewhat dampened by the cool, wettish conditions and cloud.

Lots of photo taking in Fin Gardens. That’s what you do 🙂

From here, we visited a prehistoric settlement, probably, one of the most advanced in its time as, whilst we were in the Stone Age, here they were making lovely pots, communicating with other settlements, and trading with them, keeping livestock and burying their dead in massive pots!

Our next visit was to an underground city. There were three levels to this city with connecting vertical tunnels. Each household had their own secret entrance to the city and could escape at times of invasion. This city was forgotten and half remembered only as a myth, until a householder, about ten years ago, whilst digging a well, fell into the city. It had secret passages where the enemy could be lured and then find themselves unable to get out again, there were places for guards to hide, and kill invaders, seeing their shadow coming on an opposite wall. It was a truly wonderful place.

Brick dome of a water cistern in underground city
Maze of underground tunnels

Outside, we visited a sweet shop, where we were immediately offered samples to savour. Barb bought some Iranian, “to-die-for” baklava.

9.40pm….. We have just returned from another lovely feast at the nearby Abassi House restaurant. Unbelievably lovely aubergine dish, beautifully presented (kashke bademjan) and special Iranian rice cake (almost like eating a piece of very rich cake) and some lovely bean and mushroom stew. They do actually cook some vegetarian dishes.

Evening visit to a rose water shop, by the “Friday” closed bazaar