DAY EIGHTEEN… Sightseeing in Yazd

We set off after breakfast to explore the old city, entirely constructed of adobe. It is a UNESCO heritage site. There’s an amazing network of wind towers to capture the wind and bring it down into the buildings to cool them. A natural air conditioning system. There was also an underground system of water ways connecting every house through streams and ventilated with little ventilation holes. It was really ingenious.

Adobe lined walls & arches of the old city

Mike and Barb left in their taxi around lunch time. Hopefully we will meet up again soon, back in the UK. Afternoon was a trip to the desert. This was not what I had imagined. I had envisaged silence, tranquillity, huge dunes casting shadows as the sun set. Instead we found pebbly scrub with a few large sandy dunes, yes… but the tranquillity was greatly disturbed by the revving of motorcycles scrambling across the desert, the beat of rave music, the waft of alcohol, the throbbing lights of the so-called “eco camp”.

Sun setting over the sand dunes