DAY TWENTY… 53.75 miles (86 km)

We’re back in Isfahan in the hotel we stayed in last time. Tonight, we had a real struggle getting anything much vegetarian. We went back to the restaurant we had gone to last time and found that some of our staples, like spinach and beans, actually contain meat. Tim also found big chunks of meat in the other old favourite, Ash soup, so we ended up with aubergine again, kashke bademjan and a quince dish. It turned out to be surprisingly expensive (€28 for four).

We cycled out to the desert today, prepared for disappointment (raves, no hijab etc.) but actually it turned out to be more like I expected a desert to be like. We did head to an eco-camp which was a huge scar on the landscape, but beyond it was magnificent dune after magnificent dune, stretching for what seemed like forever.  And we did see camels !!!

Anna & Ali climbing to the top of the dunes
Sheep on their way home as the sun sets
Riding to the end of the day