DAY TWENTY TWO… 42.5 miles (68 km)

We decided to do some extra cycling today rather than more city sightseeing or bazaar shopping, one last day riding through our much-loved mountains.

We drove 2 hrs out of Isfahan and then began a most wonderful ride on fairly quiet roads through bare, bare, mountains, with only the odd quarry with lorries with massive blocks of mountain chained to them, to mar the view.

Last day riding in the mountains

Our lunch stop had to be in the van today as there were no places to stop with tables and chairs and water. Poor Medhi, another trial with us messing up the van in a different way!!

Such a beautiful ride 🙂

We rode to the outskirts of Kashan and then retreated into Medhi’s van to enter the busy city.  So, we’ve now completed our riding in Iran with 900kms covered. Yes, it is not our usual distance, but the conditions were really difficult. We had a meal out in Kashan, a traditional restaurant with a very obsequious waiter, so keen to practise his English; “I am so honoured to meet you” and “May I have permission to leave?” (yes, yes please!).