DAY SEVEN… 37.5 miles (60 km)

Rose at 6am to wonderful mountains again. It wasn’t so cold and the wind had dropped overnight. We had a breakfast of more yoghurt, a gift from the old lady in the shop yesterday. Tim had bought some disgusting yoghurty drink instead of milk, so there was no milk for my tea.

We had another beautiful ride through mountains on quiet roads with good surfaces, some notable exceptions! The wind got up quite quickly and was in our face again, so we decided to cycle to a town where we had noticed a train line on the map, and this line seemed to go towards our next destination, Sevan. However, this town, as Tim put it, made Merthyr Tydfil, look positively alluring, (apologies if this is your home town).

Armenian Orthodox Church
Tim’s “short cut” saves miles but sacrifices road quality
Another handy short-cut, through the derelict steel works.

The train station looked like a train had not visited for some days, and when we enquired about if any trains stopped here we were told ’NO’ quite firmly. There were buses, but they went in the wrong direction. So, we ended up collapsing our bikes into the back of a taxi and riding up the motorway in style.

How our bikes pack into the back of a taxi

We are wild camping now in a most lovely spot right by the edge of Lake Sevan. Waves are crashing just a few feet from the tent. It’s obviously a favourite spot as signs of toilet paper abound, which is the only off-putting thing about the place.

Camping by Lake Sevan