DAY EIGHT… 36 miles (58 km)

Woke at 6am. It was quite cold and windy. We set off but were beset by thick black clouds of tiny flies. They all went in my eyes, ears, hair and face. We continued along the road through massive insect clouds. Last night it was moth clouds!!

En route visited an ancient monastery. It was quiet and peaceful with the stones holding the silence. It seems to be a place for women to bring their newborns, perhaps as an introduction to God.

Cycling the coast of Lake Sevan

Lunch stop was about 2pm. We had bought two smoked fish from some guys at the lake, at a vastly inflated price, but they were very fresh and we ate them with copious dryish bread at some very deserted beach resort. A huge derelict apartment block behind us and various other beach facilities now empty. Enjoyed the table and chairs…. always good !

Deserted beach resort

We continued our search for a quiet place to stay, Tim keen to have a hot shower and therefore not so interested in the perfect wild camping spots that I found, even one with electricity, table and chairs and toilet. We proceeded to a hotel recommended by a dubious man with black Mercedes complete with blacked out sun screened windows. It looked ideal and the happy family that showed us round made us feel like the only guests in years.

This was not to last! The dubious man and black car arrived with friend and two women. They ensconced themselves in a room and then disappeared off, only to return about 9pm, two thirds of a bottle of vodka in hand and very noisy. We settled into bed amidst sounds of doors banging, loud talking etc. This was the prequel to a massive party and sex orgy. Loud music, hysterical screaming, door banging, and more shouting.