DAY ELEVEN… 19.5 miles (31.5 km)

Woke 6am .. Lots of condensation on the tent. It felt absolutely freezing getting out of bed. Tim had a puncture which delayed our start. The cows began arriving over the hill to their pastures, and we left with the horseman.

Sunrise & cold morning mist
Empty morning road

Tim tells me it is flat and downhill. This is not ever to be believed. There have been some massive climbs already.  As we reach mid-morning, the number of passing lorries, particularly Iranian fuel tankers, increases.  We have to stay constantly aware of lorries from both behind & in front, so that we can get onto the gravel hard shoulder to give them lots of room.

We can deal with type of road traffic
At least we can see the lorries coming

Thankfully, today is a half day ride, with a day of rest tomorrow. Looking forward to much needed showers & clothes washing.