DAY FIFTEEN… 11 miles (17.5 km)

Late 7.30am rising, and opted to get to the Meghri Pass by taxi. Headed for the Eco tourist office, the people whom Tim had declined the offer of a lift from yesterday and asked for help with a taxi ride. It turned out to be the best taxi ride yet. There was no cracked windscreen, and apart from the odd crazy overtaking escapades, nothing to fret about.

Our trusty taxi
Tim at the Meghri Pass

I enjoyed the ride, going higher and higher through the mountains. The ride down from the pass was the loveliest ride yet; a virtually smooth road through the incredible landscapes. I wanted it to go on forever.

Alysun writing her diary

Our camping spot was by a small road and bubbling spring, with table and chairs. It looked ideal. But, tucked up in our tent at 8.45pm with darkness all around, headlights suddenly came straight for us. The car stopped and two men got out and walked towards the tent. No time to think about what to do, we both froze and awaited our fate silently. The footsteps passed our tent and went to the spring. They were filling water bottles!! Oh my God!! I stayed awake for hours after that, lights on the main road nearby and the noise of lorries as they climbed up the hills.

Perfect camp site, shade, spring water, fire place and table & chairs