DAY TWENTY SIX… Sightseeing in the amazing city

Our only day to take in the incredibly beautiful architecture of Isfahan. I was so taken with the care and the skill of the craftsmen who built the mosques, making each dome and cupula slightly different from all the hundreds of others, and the wooden mosaic ceiling in the Aali Qapu Palace which was constructed without glue or nails. The sixth floor of the palace was a special music room and its ceiling was mathematically calculated to create the perfect acoustics. It was truly magnificent…. and that’s from someone who grew up to hate being forced round historic buildings).

Brick arches in the “cloisters” of the old Jameh Mosque
Naqsh-e Jahan Square
Music Room on the top floor of the Ali Qapu Palace
24 Spice Mix in the bazaar (sadly, mainly closed)

We took the night train back to Tehran at 10.50pm. Unfortunately, a very short night arriving 5.30am the next morning, but, of course, arriving early, and sheets were snatched from us, predictably hours before that by the crazy sheet men who really don’t care about your sleep quality. At least, I managed to get the TV off !!