DAY FIVE… 52.5 miles (84 km)

It was wet again, but the sun shone. We are now not sure if we can have a rest day on this holiday at all. Tim has forgotten to factor them in. The only way of having one is to cycle extra miles on other days until we get to 50 miles (bad news). We have to cycle 1,075 miles in 22 days. That means 50 miles every day and one day of 25. We do keep gaining miles, but sadly, it never seems to result in a rest day, as we lose time the next day somehow. Anyway, today is going to be a sort of rest day (not sure how).

Cafe that Lenin visited

We are going to view some prehistoric stones and it seems that some of them were used as a sort of ritual masturbation, but then again, my translation of German from the guide book, could be failing.

My knees continued to be very painful today, despite the knee bandage. Could this scupper our plans to cycle to India? I hope not.

Cycling by the Loire