DAY TEN… 52 miles (83 km)

The boulangèries were absolutely bursting this morning. Is this what the French do on Sundays rather than visit shopping malls? We eventually procured a chocolate almond croissant each. It was absolutely perfect. It had everything… flaked almonds., a perfect consistency, not too much chocolate.

We sat on the wall of Château de Sully-sur-Loire watching the coachloads of tourists pouring in to see what seemed like a pretty average château. It did have a moat to recommend it, but the gardens were just grass, anyhow it is quite pretty.

It’s already quarter to 11 and this isn’t categorised as a “rest day”, so we should really get some miles behind us.

Château de Sully-sur-Loire

It’s 8.30pm and we are sitting on some horrid blue plastic chairs with a table which Tim has procured to give a touch of comfort to our rather dismal camping place. It’s on rocks and sandwiched between a number of plastic cabins, camper vans and a noisy group of campers. It is apparently the Whitsun holiday and people are really going for it tonight.

Our ride today was relatively easy. We came across a little family of beavers, three baby beavers and a larger parent beaver. They were quite unafraid and even interested in us. Two of the beavers came over to our side of the bank and began nonchalantly to eat vegetation. 

Baby Beavers
Adventurous brave baby beaver

Further on we came across some keen birders who were watching an incredibly beautiful bird, orange, yellow green and blue. They had a massive telescope so seeing the bird on the other side of the river was like looking at a bird on a bird table. We passed yet another of the many nuclear power stations along our route. Here we discovered some very oversized beavers which we thought might be due to genetic mutations.