DAY NINETEEN… 60 miles (96 km)

We had an early start (6.30am) as we had a long ride ahead of us. It was hard to find the way back to Eurovelo 6 so we resorted to the roads.

Now we are sitting at a small table, which is a small consolation for the huge tent city we have arrived at. Little green tents and their occupants are everywhere. It’s such a contrast to the other sites we have been to but we are so close to Basle and the three borders (Germany, Switzerland and France ) that it is not so surprising. We are planning on a big shop to stock up on supplies before we reach super expensive Switzerland.

We rode today into Mulhouse where, after much effort ,we managed to procure a map which will hopefully guide us to the Bodensee. We also managed to visit a knife shop where we saw a magnitude of knives, enough to turn one’s blood cold just to look at them. We bought an Opinel each for our boys. Mulhouse itself is quite a clean and lively city whose central square has been lovingly reconstructed after being bombed to bits by the allied forces. Tim quite took to the place. I am never one to love cities. En route we stopped to watch more beavers. They were very shy but later we came across a very excited beaver being fed scraps from a boy’s crisp packet.

Not so shy beaver