DAY TWENTY TWO… 19.5 miles (31 km)

It was another very hot day, maybe 30 degrees again. We had a swim in the Rhine this morning. It was extremely cold and the current was very strong. Nevertheless, it was a good, refreshing start to the boiling day which took us along the banks of the Rhine all the way. The banks are quite sewn up with people buying little private strips of land and furnishing them with in a PRIVAT sign, some benches, table and often a hut of some sort. Definitely a no go area. In fact, getting access to the river bank was quite hard, either you had to pay for access to a beach like area, or you had to make do, as we did with a tiny spot which had not yet been purchased. We had lunch whilst being entertained by the movements of a robotic lawn mower. Very bizarre.

Escaping the heat of the sun

We’d booked an Air B&B in Konstanz and had a final picnic on the banks of the Bodensee. My picnic quite meagre due to my having diarrhoea. How I managed to get this in Switzerland is a mystery.