We have successfully packed up our pink cycle bags and the bubble wrap protection into a box we managed to scrounge from some shop stall’s recycling, and we have taken it to the Post office where we were ushered in behind the counter, like special guests, and then invited into the Chief Postmaster’s office for a little chat. It turned out to cost £2.00 to send our parcel to a posh hotel in Alwar where we plan to stay (a possible final destination).

The Krishna temple here in Dwarka is very famous and absolutely heaving with devotees. Huge crowds queuing to get through security, and once inside the temple complex, more crowds waiting to get blessed and to see the inner sanctum. Tim and I, having already had one blessing forced on us, decided to give the rugby scrum of the inner sanctum a miss. Brahmins abound here, dressed in finery, and looking immensely self satisfied, like strutting peacocks.

India Cycle Touring Gujarat
Krishna devotees preparing for the evening Aarti

Our last meal in the wonderful restaurant opposite our hotel in Dwarka, last night. We have literally had every meal there since we arrived!

Before we went to eat, we managed to find our way across the estuary, through the water, rather than queuing endlessly to get over the suspension foot bridge. The tide had gone out and we simply waded over to find even more people enjoying the sunset, the beautiful crescent moon, and the camels, silhouetted against the sky. Magical!

India Cycle Touring Gujarat
Camel on the beach, looking out to the Arabian Sea