DAY THIRTEEN… 45.05 miles (72.50 km)

We are sitting in another petrol station, trying to get a lift for the last bit of our ride. Although its only 12.30, and not burning hot, I’ve had enough for today. This time the garage lads have brought me a charpal, so I can have a lie down.

Today’s ride has been fairly easy and quick (lift has arrived so more later).

India Cycle Touring Gujarat
An easy day on the road

2pm….   We have arrived at Desert Courses (Little Rann of Kutch) and been allocated our traditional hut. We hadn’t booked which seems a problem, but luckily there is just one hut (the worst?) available. It really is quite basic with a floor that slopes alarmingly in the bathroom, but does have hot water, and we can ignore the little ants everywhere.  The people running it are very friendly and knowledgeable about the local wildlife and people. Price includes safaris too.

We were taken out on a long safari to the salt plains where people make a living by pumping up salt water from the earth. Their homes are basically wooden poles covered by sacking. We spotted the famous wild ass in a field not far from where we were staying, eating someone’s crops.

India Cycle Touring Gujarat
A pair of Cranes

We also spotted a lot of bird life; large crane (huge), common crane, wild boar, not to mention a very beautiful cat! Desert Courses is owned by the King and Queen of Zainabad, who are resident, meeting, greeting and eating with their guests.

India Cycle Touring Gujarat
Alysun in the Safari Gipsy Jeep
India Cycle Touring Gujarat
Walking on sunset salt