Morning safari. We ride out to the salt plains again in a jeep. This time to catch another sight of the wild ass. We see a lot of them, at close quarters. Beautiful animals, quite unlike a normal donkey.

India Cycle Touring Gujarat
Wild Asses
India Cycle Touring Gujarat
Cranes in flight

Then on to the salt production again. We see it in more detail this time. Huge salt crystals! And we learn that the salt workers only get paid 300Rs a ton of salt, when it’s sold for a massive 3,000Rs in the market.

India Cycle Touring Gujarat
Salt pans

Back at Desert Courses I notice the quiet. Nothing really happens. People come and go. Safari’s leave and return, but the silence is always there, beyond the bird song, the chirping of insects, the chatter of people. A butterfly flits in stillness.

Later that day we are taken on another safari to see the local village people. The tables are turned now. We want to photo them! Women are shy here. Young wives pull their scarves over their faces to hide themselves from the camera’s gaze, and our gaze. Generally the people in the village are friendly, but it does feel like we are out gawking at them. A little uncomfortable. We see a one day old buffalo calf. So competent !

India Cycle Touring Gujarat
A grand mother who does not need to be shy