DAY FOUR… 54 miles (86.25 km)

Today we are off to Serbia. There is a wonderful looking cycle motorway for 25km to the border to get us started, after that I expect we’ll be roughing it as Serbia is not in the EU.

12.30pm… Just crossed into Serbia. The Hungarian side of the border absolutely full of soldiers and patrolling vehicles of all types, watchtowers, tents with soldiers. It was quite a chilling experience.

Anti-refugee military, patrolling the Hungarian border

 The route up to the border was full of interesting wildlife. Small black snakes and a massive spider, which Tim accidentally hit and it spilled all its little babies off of its back! We realised it was carrying them.

Serbia so far seems friendly, but the villages are all deserted except for tractors and a few older people on bikes.

Serbian log piles… Tim getting log pile envy