DAY FIVE… 54 miles (86.25 km)

Our first night on a Serbian campsite. All clean. It was noisy with some kind of huge party of a friend/family member of the owner, but all over by nightfall (8pm). We went to bed early as we were so chilly, and Tim was tired.

8.45pm, just as we were walking back from our night time tooth clean there was the unearthly sound of hundreds of wolves howling at the almost full moon. Wolves continued their periodic howling, but the owner of the campsite, who had left about 8pm, returned and closed the gate, so we felt much more secure. Tim told me that the wolves went on howling all night. Thankfully I didn’t hear them.

Awoke at 6.30am to sunny day. Our morning preparations have so far taken 2 hours and 40 mins.

Today is a lovely sunny day.  The roads have almost no vehicles, only tractors and other farm vehicles.  Very quiet, other than the loud hissing of disturbed gaggle of geese by the roadside, the buzzing of insects & the chirping of birds.

Not so good cycle paths… very slow going

11.30am… Tim lost a bit of his camera in a forest and went back to look for it, unsuccessfully, but he did see a huge wild boar on his exploits.  Our route continued through nature reserves, along raised dyke paths. Very peaceful and beautiful. Some stretches of the dyke paths were unpleasant, having stony and sometimes sandy surface.

Bee hives in the wild meadows

Spent the night at a rather dark Pension. The proprietors were friendly German speaking Croats, so I was able to converse and hear all about her family, children and how to make garlic sauce.

We had thought that we would have a kitchen with this accommodation, but no such luck, so we had to go out to look for a restaurant…. none forthcoming. Ended up buying some food in a supermarket.

The war has left Serbia with high unemployment. Life seems a struggle for our host. She had broken her arm and had become quite disabled as a result. Maybe they don’t have good doctors?