DAY SIX… 46 miles (73.5 km)

Our route continued again through nature reserves, along raised dyke paths. So many bee hives, all painted different colours, so the foraging bees know which hive to return to.  Again, some stretches of the dyke paths were difficult to ride with rutted and stony surfaced sections.  But once we left the dyke paths, we found ourselves on very busy, scary fast traffic and huge lorries.

Lunch stop, with swim, on a Danube beach lido

We camped in a field by a lagoon with egrets and a fishermen’s restaurant, but no facilities at all, so we bought a bottle of water and filled up from the tap for washing. There were lots of dogs but they were quite benign. The restaurant owner said that she would be there at 7.30am so we would be able to use the toilets, which would be a luxury.

Fisherman’s Lagoon