DAY SEVEN… 17 miles (27.5 km)

12.05pm….  We have managed to get tickets for the train from some bad-tempered ticket office official and have even found a train with a bike sign on it, so all this nonsense in the guide books ‘It may be possible to take your bike on the train…. but it is not permitted’, is clearly inaccurate.

Novi Sad. – a real sense of menace. Huge unkempt tower blocks, people dwelling amongst plastic dumping grounds etc. However, the centre, though bombed many times by NATO, Germans, Austro-Hungarians, looked quite pleasant and there were even a few remaining old looking houses.

Colour of street market in Novi Sad
Old Town Centre of Novi Sad

The train to Beograd was uneventful, except for a long, long delay ?? Waiting for another train??

We arrived at our accommodation. We had been relocated from our preferred, leafy suburb to a city centre flat, due to ‘electrical’ problems with the leafy flat.  We were told, by the proprietor that it was a bigger flat. True, it was big, spacious and nice. The proprietor then asked us to pay more for the accommodation. ‘if we like’. We did not like at all. However, we conceded €5. Proprietor was not impressed.

We wondered if this was some sort of scam, and after this Tim got very paranoid. I was not allowed to carry my little purse with super strong metallic strap (to prevent it being cut), around the town, despite my pointing out to Tim that EVERYONE had a handbag (even men).

Brutalist Architecture of Belgrade. Thankfully life thrives with a Vegan sub-culture.