DAY NINE… 53 miles (84.5 km)

Having told me that tomorrow will be a rest day, Tim now announces no rest till the day after, making that at least eleven days of cycling without rest. He thinks that walking round Belgrade for hours was a kind of rest ?!

So far the road has been good. Light traffic and our first few undulations. The wind is against us though; Tim had told me that the wind would be on our backs. The wind clearly has other ideas.

Cycling towards to border

We spent our last Serbian Dinar buying provisions in Bela Crkva, the last big town before the border. Unfortunately, there was a massive town wide power cut, so shopping was not very easy.

Soon after crossing the border into Romania, we headed down a quiet, beautiful road, with little traffic and with perplexing arrays of empty plastic bottles stuck onto sticks and other bits of vegetation along the side of the road.

There was no bank or ATM at the border to get Romanian Leu. We rode through sprawling villages that did not even have any shops, let alone an ATM. We arrived at our night’s destination with no local money to pay for our camping.

Danube gorge in the distance

We camped in the garden of a pension. It was a perfect camping spot. There were table and chairs and access to the loos if you chose your time well and the surrounding dogs were benign. One has been watching us since we arrived and another one has just popped out of the bushes.