DAY FIFTEEN… 58 miles (91 km)

An easy ride from the campsite after a rather disturbed night wondering if the Romany folk had spotted us and might attack us. Aside from that very frequent and loud dog barking.

Thankfully no dog incidents today. In fact, cycling through the little villages felt relaxed, with everyone we passed on the road shouting out  a greeting or waving to us or hooting. It all felt so friendly, especially when we passed the horse and carts often laden with crops or families. Then we received loud cries of ‘Ola, Ola’ or ‘Buena, Buena’ or a mass of waves.

Lots of “Buena, Buena”, smiling & waving
Most of the local cyclists are older than us. The youth prefer BMWs.

The countryside was flat and the traffic not too intense.

We arrived and found a hotel. Expensive at €38 for the night, so we searched the railway station, only to find the usual extreme lack of action (no train) and general insalubrious quality of the people there. Tim and I decided to ask in a posh looking bar where we might stay. Apparently there is only one hotel in town but we were told by a very well dressed man to return to it and say that Vale had sent us.

Turns out we got a big discount as the room is now only €30. The receptionist who had been aloof earlier, warmed to us and gave us a regal entrance by opening doors for us. Was Vale the owner? Tim said he was glittering with gold. It turns out that the room is functional. There’s nowhere to cook but we crack and cook in the bathroom and get some cold stuff in.

Because of my Dad dying, we have shortened our route so instead of heading to Istanbul, as planned, we are now heading for the edge of the Black Sea. Due to the change of route we have no idea of how to get there. No maps or anything. And no idea of where to stay at night. A headwind is promised too, which is very dispiriting. On top of that it is going to be 32 degrees. Apparently, this part of Romania is the very hottest. It has had no rain for three months. Actually, rain now would be a welcome relief although, knowing Romania it would probably be a massive downpour.

Derelict factory in Corabia. How many jobs were lost after the end of Communism ?