DAY NINETEEN… 40.5 miles (65 km)

An early start to avoid the heat, but it turned out to be pleasantly cool. However, as soon as we got up, Tim noticed the wind moving the trees. Another headwind.

We set off out of Ruse. Initially on pleasant cycle lanes through town, but then this deteriorated into a busy dual carriageway for miles. 15 miles later we have just got off it. The head wind, bad road combo is very hard work. I’m not looking forward to another 25miles of wind, gusting at 24mph.

One of the day’s few quiet paths

We’ve arrived at our hotel by the Danube.  Our room is OK but dark and we have asked if we can cook, if we took the more expensive balcony room, but “No !”.  We later enquired what we would have for breakfast. The rather attitude filled woman told us “molluscs”. This was a bit alarming…. snails for breakfast? I’ve never eaten snails and certainly did not want to start doing it for breakfast. Luckily when we used Google translate to check what she meant, she roared with laughter, and so did I, in relief!

We still don’t know what we are getting. I am going to try and get some porridge. We are questioned by police as we hang out on the banks of the Danube to cook our supper. They ask us where our car is, where are we going ? We tell them we don’t have a car and they seem satisfied.

Dramatic sunset over the Danube… excuse the artistic filter