DAY TWENTY… 46.5 miles (74.5 km)

Turns out the proprietor was willing to go to extraordinary efforts to provide porridge for me. She phoned her daughter as I carefully described how you make it. I then got given a very congealed mass of something, which I duly consumed.

Another difficult stretch. Even worse than yesterday. We rode on the unadventurous route due to the wind and heat. In fact it was not hot at first, cool, even a little rain, but the heat increased as the day wore on. Now I have a heat rash all over my legs. The road was busy with frequent 40 tonne trucks passing, so not a relaxing ride. Endless hills, some quite substantial.

Grass snake at the side of the busy road

We caught the 4pm ferry, crossing from Silistra (Bulgaria) to the Romanian side of the Danube and really pushed the last 7 miles in the hope of catching the 4.30pm train from Călărași to Constanța. Needless to say, this train happened to be running on time, unlike all other Romanian trains, so we missed it!

Staying in a fairly inoffensive place. we seem to have a room next to the children’s play area, and at 8.45pm they are still going strong! We left the hotel garden and found a self-service canteen restaurant tonight where we could see everything that we were buying. Every dish was carefully weighed and sold according to its weight. We ended up with a very good meal.