DAY TWENTY TWO … 11.25 miles (18 km)

The journey home began with a train journey to Bucharest, ready to fly back home early the next day.  Our train arrived at București Obor in the east of the city, leaving us with a cycle ride across Bucharest in the evening rush hour to the city centre where we have booked a hotel for the night, close to the Gara de Nord Station that links to the airport.  Tim has done his best to plot a cycle friendly route across town, but my anxiety was severely heightened by the Wikipedia entry that Tim found, when researching our options…

“Mayor of Bucharest Sorin Oprescu announced in March 2013 that he refuses to allow segregated cycling paths to be built on the roads, as he claims that the Romanian drivers are uncivilized and that he “doesn’t want to count the dead people” due to traffic accidents.”

9.30pm… we had to search for what seemed like hours to find food that we could eat near the city centre Gara de Nord Station, whilst surrounded by lots of very edgy people, prostitutes and their pimps, drug addicts and their dealers, incoherent staggering (or passed) out drunks.  Not a place to hang out after dark as we were doing.  In the end, we secured some olives, hummus & two extortionately expensive portions of French Fries from the MacDonalds in the station.  I never thought that we would be so appreciative of the big “M” French Fries, it must have been the state of our desperate hunger.