DAY ONE… 13.25 miles (21.25 km)

We arrived safely after a bumpy plane descent, and quickly restored bikes from their plastic bag and pipe lagging wrapping to find that we couldn’t get out of the airport. The whole airport was surrounded by huge boundary fences making our Garmin useless to direct us. Eventually, after going round the airport several times, we followed a main road, right through Switzerland to the main centre of Basle. We wondered if this was the Swiss saying a big ‘No’ to refugees.

By this time we had missed our train from Basle station so had to take a much later one, and consequently arrived at Donaueschingen as it was getting dark, around 7.30pm. The campsite was mainly geared up to motor homes, but there was a small field for tents and it was clean, with good facilities. It was marred only by the gay women couple in their tent next to us, who insisted in talking loudly to each other in the dark, and early morning, so I did not get a very good night’s sleep at all.

Note the big detour getting away from the airport
For map lovers, here is the actual Garmin GPX route….