DAY TWO… 44 miles (70.5 km)

Amazingly good and flat roads, mainly for cyclists, through rolling farmland and fields of small sunflowers with borage borders. Perfect for bees! And I have already spotted several apiaries, one in a purpose built shed. Obviously, a very devoted bee keeper.

In Tuttlingen, we stopped to pick up some cheese and fruit, having already managed to find a loaf of bread with no wheat in it, as I now follow a gluten free diet. The route took us through a long, long limestone gorge with startlingly high crags, topped by the occasional castle or monastery.  Here the route was NOT as promised by Tim (“flat or downhill”), in fact, to the contrary, it climbed up and down for mile after mile on a rather loose gravelly surface…. the worst for me.

Alysun riding down a gravel path, but still smiling

We have stopped short of our usual 50 miles as there are no campsites for 15 miles and we don’t really want to cycle that much further. Our site is beautifully sited and backed by limestone cliffs, bare in places and in others, thickly forested. I’m hoping for a quiet night, but our neighbours are rowdy old German men with loud voices, getting through a bottle of wine, or already through it. We plan to camp for free if possible, tomorrow as campsites are packed with Germans with loud voices and the campsites are very expensive (€18). In order to be quicker leaving tomorrow we have just had a shower (€1) and hopefully we can leave without eating breakfast, if Tim can be persuaded.

Alysun writing her diary. Note the wine glasses on the table in the distance.
For map lovers, here is the actual Garmin GPX route….