DAY FIVE… 55 miles (88 km)

Sitting, now 10.15am, on the banks of a much wider Danube. Flat route so far, but a gravelly surface along the side of the river. Tim assures me that the ride is ‘flat’ though, I must say I’ve heard that one before.

Flat & endless maize

4.45pm.  Yes flat! Field after field of maize with a remarkable absence of anywhere to sit down and have a rest. Eventually we came across a seat outside a church and took the chance to have some lunch. Our rest was short lived. A disturbingly strange woman, certainly more mad than eccentric, ran over to us and sat right next to me. She practically poured the oil from the sardine can all over me, then, started to try and pick up our things. We had spread all our washing out to dry. Tim and I hastily finished our lunch and began to collect up all our washing whilst she proceeded to talk in a nonsensical way. Packing up took longer than we would have wished, and as we were completing our packing the mad woman was filling a bucket of water from a nearby fountain, which we both knew was destined for us, so we fled as fast as we could.

Track by the Danube

We decided to try and find a wild camping place and were advised by a friendly potter of a lake where he thought it might be possible. We ended up in a private fishing area, so proceeded to the river where we found a rather unsatisfactory place right on a track by the river.  I spent quite a lot of the night worrying that

  1. Someone might tell us to move
  2. Someone might drive over us.

Nothing happened.

For map lovers, here is the actual Garmin GPX route….