DAY SIX… 50 miles (80 km)

Rose 6.30am to wet tents and mists but beautiful. A swan rose from the water, really heaving itself. We’ve had to ration water, so have not had a real wash, but we have been able to make tea and wash up. We couldn’t have breakfast as we had forgotten to buy muesli.

Early morning swans

We made rather slow progress as the start of the ride involved a succession of hills and various diversions. It was about 11.30am by the time we were directed to a market where we got some muesli and some nectarines (€3.50 for 2!!)

Farmers Market. Amazing produce, with prices to match.

We proceeded on and by about 2pm reached Ingolstadt. We had lunch here and dried our tents in the park, then set off again, this time to find camping gas. It is always found miles out of towns.

The old town centre of Ingolstadt

It was 4.45pm by the time I had tried to negotiate the hell of “Kaufman” , a giant German department store. Tim and I vow we are never going back in that shop. It is so massive. We tried to get some basic supplies here too. But, unlike England, when I enquired where I might find some rice, the assistant just waved her hand vaguely, and when I failed to find it, she seemed quite cross.  I came out without any. Tomorrow is Sunday. I think all the shops will be shut then.

Sadly the Garmin failed on this day (battery), so this is all that we recorded.
For map lovers, here is the actual Garmin GPX route….