DAY SEVEN… 22.25 miles (35.5 km) A Half Rest Day

Today is a rest half-day. It is a beautiful day. And I had a reasonable night’s sleep, at last !!

We had a slower start, partly because we were so far from the toilets and showers. But, we were on the river bank and away from people. Perfect !

Perfect campsite

4.15pm…  We just arrived at our farm camp site when the rain began. Only a shower so far, but the farmer’s wife tells me to expect two days of rain, then sun again. Tim and I have commandeered a position next to a woodshed with lots of spare room, plus two tables and two chairs. There’s plenty of space to watch any rain that comes. We’ve washed our clothes and hope that they will dry.

We cycled today along the top of a dyke to a monastery where monks were in a baroque style church singing most beautifully in call and response style.  They are mainly known for their excellent beer, and there were indeed many tourists consuming this in the courtyard outside the church, together with sauerkraut and Weiner schnitzel. We took a boat trip down the Danube gorge. It was very beautiful. The guide, in German and American, was banal. Obviously had drunk too much beer in the monastery. Here people seem to start drinking beer at breakfast time and end at bed time.

Tourist boats en route to monastery for beer, sauerkraut and Weiner schnitzel.
Forecast of rain 🙁

For map lovers, here is the actual Garmin GPX route….