DAY TEN… 41.5 miles (66 km)

No rain last night. Just a bit noisy from passing boats on the river, and from the nearby airport (across the bridge) but, apart from that, the best ever. Very few other campers.

Morning packing…. Alysun, with our bikes & the all important table

Today was surprisingly hard going. We did the ride into Passau (23km) without a break and I felt rather unwell. We spent a long time in Passau, a lovely little town, having delicious cake from a very expensive Konditorei and searching for Tim’s pannier bit, which he finally got.


We then proceeded on along a bike lane beside a busy road. The wind was against us, gusting quite strongly at times, all afternoon, which made cycling much more difficult. I was still feeling quite weak and then discovered a tick at the back of my neck. This was most unfortunate as I have only just completed a course of antibiotics for Lyme disease!!

We crossed the river on a ferry (€4) then cycled along the Austrian side, then back over on a hydro scheme bridge. This began well but ended with us lugging the bikes up a lot of steps. My pannier rack came loose which further delayed us.

Hydro scheme bridge

Anyway, we have decided that a rest day is needed.

Riding towards the Schlögen Loop

For map lovers, here is the actual Garmin GPX route….