DAY NINETEEN… 34.5 miles (55 km)

Very slow start after two long days. We are both quite tired.

Very hot day. The sun was almost burning at breakfast time. We set off slowly. It was a 55km ride, so not so bad.

Slovak Jazz Band
Slovak Graffiti

It began well. We had expected a bad track again but in fact, the EU monies had upgraded it, so we had many kilometres of easy cycling.

Lovely EU Funded Cycle Path

However this did come to a halt rather suddenly as a ‘road’ deteriorated to woodland and so we had to resort to more unnerving road cycling. Cars seem to prefer maximum speeds especially on open roads, and also, not to change their speed for mere cyclists. There were also very large lorries to contend with. Lorries also do not like to slow down at all, so we had to watch the road constantly for signs of them, to ensure we had enough room if they passed us.

At lunch time we passed an inviting beach area where I plunged into the Danube, one more time. 

Alysun takes a dip in the Danube. Far too cold for Tim.

About this time the wind began to change from southerly to westerly, clouds began to form. We arrived at the campsite and set up tent well away from everyone. Unfortunately there was a big school party further up the field but they settled early, thank goodness. This peace was not to last. Just as we were ready to turn in, a large group of lads turned up in the bungalow nearby, and began to party loudly till about 2.30am. there was also loud music from the pizza restaurant. It was not a positive night for rest at all.

View of Esztergom basilica, from Slovakia

For map lovers, here is the actual Garmin GPX route….