Another late start. We discovered that we had spent half of our holiday fund that we thought would last us another week!

We planned a visit to the famous baths but first a cycle to the other bath complexes, Szechenyi Bath baths, where little fish give you a foot manicure (sounds digesting) , also , Heroes Square!

Heros Square

We had lunch and then went to the Gellért Thermal Bath, an extraordinary complex of pools, saunas, steam rooms. Classic, art nouveau baths.

Gellért Thermal Bath… excuse the dramatic filter

In the evening, we found a few “ruin” pubs. These are pubs literally built in ruined areas of the city but beautifully decorated with odd bits of furniture and fairy lights. The first was a space with graffiti and old sofas and chairs. We found a poster there for the festival that Amos (Alysun’s son) is playing in, later this year. The second was really strange, a bit like a scene where surviving humans from “The Matrix” would hang out.

The surreal, alternative world of the “Ruin” pubs