DAY TWENTY FIVE… 53 miles (84.5 km)

A beautiful morning with clear skies, despite rain in the night. We set off along cycle paths beside the Lake Velence, passing a crane look-out tower. 

Storks in flight

We stopped in a big town and went into huge InterSpa Supermarket to get some supplies. It was so big we couldn’t find anything and it took ages. I emerged at the till with an orange, a bounty bar and two snack bars of dubious content. The woman at the till grabbed the orange and shouted at me, I hadn’t weighed it. I didn’t get the orange back. I came out of the shop somewhere I didn’t recognise and it took a long time for me to find Tim again.

We stopped at a garage for lunch, this may sound weird but there was a bit of grass next to it with … table and chairs!  We decided to offer our bottle of sunflower oil to the garage owner. He took it and then brought us out two beers, which we had to drink.

Cycled on to Lake Balaton and began a long, long search for a campsite, for several hours & miles !!!   After much further searching found a site as darkness was descending, called “romantic camping” which said “Open” but was locked. We had no luck trying to rouse the guard who was obviously inside.  We had to retrace our steps and book a room for the night, €30 for the night, with breakfast included.

For map lovers, here is the actual Garmin GPX route….