DAY TWENTY SIX… 43.5 miles (69.5 km)

A very beautiful start to the ride on dedicated cycle paths.  All of our ride was on a cycle paths or quiet roads, meeting the lake from time to time and briefly cycling alongside it.

We planned to cycle to the ferry and then camp on the southerly side of Lake Balaton. It was a relatively short ride so we stopped frequently to view cranes from a viewing tower, to drink tea, to look at the lake, till lunch.

Alysun… ready for her essential mid-morning tea
Blue Lake Balaton with blue sky above
Alysun smiling on the ferry, ride nearly at an end ? Little did she know….

We cycled to the ferry. Crossed on the 5pm ferry uneventfully and began a search for campsites. The one by the ferry, firmly shut, locked and close circuit TV on all sides so no chance of breaking in.

We cycled onto the city where we planned to take the train back to Budapest. This was a 13 mile ride, and by this time it was getting very dark. We looked for the last site in darkness. Predictably it was shut.

We found a rather dingy and smoky room, “Apartment”. Somehow, we managed to rouse the proprietor by Tim accidentally stepping on a loose tile! It had a small double bed (hopeless for me). We accepted it as it was almost 8 o’clock and the alternative was a night under the stars! There was a kitchen we could use to cook but had to be like little mice and as quick as possible too, so as not to disturb any other guests.

So, our last night, was far from the romantic plan we had for it; a meal out, some beers, the comfort of a restaurant…. everything was very firmly shut and our last evening was beer-less and somewhat rushed.

For map lovers, here is the actual Garmin GPX route….