We met each other in our 50’s and shared a love of cycling, nature & a real connection with India, having both travelled there in our early 20’s. We are also both Buddhists. One day we realised that we both shared the same dream; to cycle all the way from our home in North Somerset to India.

We are members of the “not-so-young-anymore” bicycle touring club.  But hey, it’s never too late to cycle to India.  The joy of being “not-so-young-anymore” is that children have grown up & can look after themselves, so we have the opportunity to make the journey we both have dreamed of.

The only catch is that we still have some responsibilities, such as a job (Tim), grown up children, cats & chickens, so we could not cycle all the way from home to India in one go. Instead we opted for a part-time approach & decided to ride the journey in 1,000 mile sections, over six long distance trips.

We love the joy & adventure of cycling across continents, under the big ever-changing sky, along rivers, through wild places & even crossing mountains.  Everyday a new day, with new experiences & adventures.  Just what every day ordinary life should be like, new every day. 

Alysun has retired from the NHS where she worked as a Clinical Psychologist in Mental Health. She now loves organic gardening, growing lots of beautiful vegetables and fruit. She keeps a number of hives of feisty bees. In her spare-time she likes to meditate and go for really long walks and of course, get on her bike!

Tim is still working with a handful of jobs, a cycle instructor, accountant, database designer, cook & a member of a wholefood worker co-operative.  He loves nature, photography & cooking.  And not forgetting cycling; he is an okay bicycle mechanic too.

The wise traveller does not concern himself with the destination, but enjoys the journey.”   Lao Tzu. A quote that we read on a Eurovelo 6 signpost in Serbia. All the Serbian Eurovelo 6 signposts had travel quotes, printed on them.