7pm…. The clang of temple bells. Aarti at the ghats is over, but pujas continue all over the city. We are packing our bags for getting on the train to Delhi tomorrow. We’ve already transported our bikes to Mathura train station left luggage, leaving us free to get a bus to the station tomorrow.  There’s still a lot to carry, and we’ve added to it with our shopping today in Mathura. Our luggage is growing very fast, unfortunately for us.

India Cycle Touring Rajasthan
The Ghats in Mathura

The clang of temple bells again! Bhajan (devotional) music has been blasting through our little ashram/guest house (now turned off). The proprietor, a brahmin who was reviewed as ‘bad tempered’ in one Google review we read, is actually really sweet. However, he is not at all concerned about whether hot water comes out of the taps and this is a problem which does concern the guests. He is not even that bothered about whether, guests chose to stay or not. What he really likes to do is to chant, or to close his eyes and immerse himself in beautiful Indian classical music, or devotional song (Bhajan).

India Cycle Touring Rajasthan
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