DAY TWENTY EIGHT… 42.87 miles (69.00 km)

The ride today was pretty easy and we noticed a change in how people treated us as we got further away from Tonk. Our first stop (10 miles out of Tonk), we were approached by a strange young man and we both had a bad feeling about him, especially as he shook hands using his left hand  (used for bottom cleaning).  Tim managed to end the conversation with him and he went off, but then he returned, with another man. At this we decided to leave very quickly. We have become aware of our vulnerability in remote places. Maybe a bit freaked out by the bandit threat a few days ago.

India Cycle Touring Rajasthan
Another Four Lane highway coming near you
India Cycle Touring Rajasthan
Nilgai (Bluebuck Antelope) nonchalantly eating farmers’ crops

2.30 pm…. We’ve arrived at the tiger reserve. I had imagined a lovely jungly place, thick with dark trees, and wild animals roaming around dawn and dusk. But no! As always in India, the fantasy and the reality don’t correlate. We are on the edge of a busy, rather frantic Indian town. Not even a hint of anything vaguely wild here, except the driving. However, thankfully our hotel has a tranquil, (at the moment), garden, though we’ve just seen a hoard of Manchester United supporters going into the hotel. The usual problems with hot water….there’s a promise of it but it just doesn’t come out of the taps.

5.00pm…. We managed to get TWO buckets of hot water, so at last have been able to wash and do loads of washing too, much needed.