DAY SIXTEEN… 26 miles (41.5 km)

We cycled into Vienna (only 40km) so we were at our campsite for lunch. It’s not so nice here. And its very noisy at night with people putting up tents at all hours, not to mention the motorway next to the site and trains running really close. The morning dew on the tents was actually brown!

We cycled into Vienna along wide boulevards through parkland over dedicated cycle bridges. Another cake this one had gluten in it as the last gluten free one looked good but did not taste so.

Austria… natural place for naturists

We whizzed around the Ring Strasse, and then back to cook supper on the campsites cooker even though there were lots of signs in many languages saying it could only be used for ready meals. Our elaborate cooking luckily not spotted by the campsite β€œthought police”.

Vienna… a cyclist paradise. Cycle path under a Motorway Bridge to cross the Danube.
Wiener Prater… cycle, roller blading & pedestrian traffic free route
There was no Garmin GPX route for this day’s ride. Must have pressed the wrong button at the end of the ride πŸ™