DAY NINE… 41 miles (66 km)

Mercifully I slept through the Russian sex orgy party but received a very full report at 6.30am from a very sleepy Tim. The revellers had gone in the morning and the party seemed to be going on across the road.

Glad to leave bandit-ville. Lots of nasty dogs on cycle out of town. A lovely climb up to the pass with fantastic views again. Lots of bird life, eagles and blue rollers and some tiny green flycatcher birds, all sitting on a wire.

Truckloads of hay
Meeting a cowherd, whose eyes were filled with the sky

Visited a Caravanserai where traders on the silk road would overnight. Very old, 13th C.

Stone cave rooms of the Caravanserai

Camped overnight by a stream. An old man who had a shack nearby, offered us his shack for the night, but really, we vastly preferred the tent. He gave us lots of homegrown melon to eat.

Our campsite, melon giving host