DAY EIGHT… 55 miles (88 km)

Rain came in bursts last night and we were told that we could expect another one or two days of rain, but this morning we woke to a few rays of sunshine and the odd patch of blue sky.

Our tents were wet on the outside so we wiped them, hoping to keep them dryer for tonight.

Today’s route began on roads along the Danube but then we moved onto a tarmacked path, passing a temple style building built by the mad Koenig Ludwig 1st.

5.45pm… The route was flat today and the wind behind us. We had to dodge heavy rain in Regensburg (aptly named), an attractive city with a lacy, spired cathedral. Unfortunately, it did not have a bike shop, nor did its MacDonalds have WiFi.

We decided to go to a campsite for the night as the weather has been rather dodgy with sudden gusts of very heavy rain and now a miserable trickle of wetness. Tim and I were the first ones in the camping field, usually a very meagre affair compared to the area given over to caravans. We commandeered the best pitch, with table and positioned ourselves to maximise our space. Hot on our heels were two other cyclists who had pre paid, so Tim guarded the pitch whilst I went off to pay.

Weather looks to be good for the next 2 days.

Rain & storm clouds bearing down on us
Not sure what happened to the Garmin. Only recorded this.

For map lovers, here is the actual Garmin GPX route….