The Danube loops here and it is totally blissful. There are hives, a peacock, a group of sheep and some very frisky cows, let out each morning to graze and put away each evening. Their path leads right by our tents so we fear death by trampling. Otherwise, everything is totally peaceful, just the buzz of insects, a passing boat on the river below and a man collecting windfall plums brought down by the fierce winds yesterday. We are surrounded by wooded hills. Tim and I have been on the ferry (€6) to get a few supplies. We got a massive bottle of wine (all they had), 2 rolls and a small carton of milk.

We are now cracking open hazelnuts which we found that will serve as snacks!  Apparently, it will be 30 degrees today, so very hot! Had a swim in the river… very clay bottom and very shallow, but refreshing. We hunted for mushrooms, but found none I could be sure about. Then walked up to a nearby ruin of a castle (a viewpoint). We made a fire in the evening and managed to down some of the wine.

View of the loop (just) from the castle